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Queen Brene + Gifts of Imperfection

Updated: Jul 2

Each Sunday, Spark + Pivot is going to share micro-doses of inspiration to combat the Sunday Scaries. Life is too short to live anxious chronically, and sometimes all it takes is a small spark of inspiration to remind you of how much opportunity and joy there is.

Our first Sunday Spark is Brene Brown's The Gifts of Imperfection. As always, Queen Brene (PhD, LMSW) tackles existential topics like shame, worth, joy, and gratitude in such an approachable way. She has years' worth of research and literature review to back up her definitions, claims, and recommendations - and she is so. damn. practical.

What you get from this book

  • definition of wholehearted living

  • practical examples of what wholehearted living could look like, and what it’s impact could be on families, communities, and workplaces

  • education on the barriers that stand in our way to living more authentic, wholehearted lives

  • simple, data-backed methods to live more wholeheartedly

  • encourages self-acceptance and embracing imperfections

  • promotes self-compassion and kindness towards oneself

  • provides tools to build resilience and cope with challenges

  • inspires creativity and encourages meaningful connections with others

For those that see themselves as change-makers and cycle-breakers - you absolutely must read this book. You will feel understood and validated for wanting to affect people and systems bigger than yourself, and have ways to start your work that don't feel so overwhelming.

You can get the book for as low as $3 with minimal effort.

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