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Our practice exists for the people who crave a purpose-driven, wholehearted way of living. The folks who have persevered through so much, continuing to put one foot in front of the next - even if they may not always know why or how they do it. For those who actively look for ways to heal and grow so that they can leave the world better than they found it, Spark + Pivot is for you. No matter how much struggle you have been through - no matter how much pain, trauma, or confusion has marked your story - you are worthy of pursuing the change you desire. We are here to help.

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Fuel the cycle-breakers and change makers. Encourage their creativity, exploration, and experimentation so that real, meaningful change can occur. The kind of change that transforms lives, organizations, and communities.


  • We will actively create a safe and affirming space for you. Spark + Pivot is humbled to support you in your journey, and every session/meeting should feel that way.

  • Learning about your goals, the way you see the world, and the challenges you experience will be approached with humility, respect, and curiosity (instead of judgment).

  • We will leverage our formal training and continue to expand our skillsets to ensure you receive the most effective and ethical care possible.

  • If at any point you feel your needs are not being met, we welcome the honest feedback and will facilitate a transparent conversation to ensure you get exactly what you need (with Spark + Pivot or through referral).

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