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marketing + digital team consulting


I leverage my rich background in performance marketing, strategic planning, digital marketing, customer experience, and digital media, as well as my training in counseling and executive coaching, to help leaders identify and implement necessary shifts in organizational design, culture, service design, and operations. Depending on the parameters of the consulting engagement, I can also coach high-potential individuals and those who need performance re-alignment and optimization.

service examples

Examples of recent consulting projects completed by Spark + Pivot are included below. 

Establish Agency

Center of Excellence

Transform Retail Brand Marketing and Digital Business Units


Agency Department Evolution

Mission: evolve media department to deliver on agency ‘s new strategic vision. Tasks included:

  • Coach department head

  • Conduct gap and strength assessment

  • Facilitate future-state planning and prioritization

  • Deliver roadmap, including assignments, timing, and dependencies

  • Execute select deliverables to drive 30-day quick win / quick impact 

"Megan has a unique ability to connect with people across all levels of an organization, from the executive team to the most junior team member. Her straightforward, thoughtful approach combined with a keen strategic mind and outstanding experience gives her instant credibility. She quickly led the organization to identify areas of highest impact and create an action plan. We started seeing improvements almost immediately; and in a matter of weeks, Megan’s approach had transformed the media team into a focused, high-performing machine that continues to excel for clients and the agency to this day.”


thoughtful approach,

seeing improvements

almost immediately

Megan’s approach had transformed the

media team into a focused, high-performing machine

-agency chief analytics officer


Agency Center of Excellence Establishment

Mission: establish strategy Center of Excellence (COE) in global marketing technology and services agency


Challenges: First 6-months of COVID; recent agency market reposition; new CEO; and significant company re-organization


  • Find efficiencies in team structure

  • Clarify and align roles to deliver on broad strategy and planning capability set

  • Codify processes and deliverables to streamline work and standardize pricing

  • Articulate COE value proposition, stand-alone market offerings, and modular services that could be sold into existing client programs

  • Manage and integrate talent in two countries

  •  Stand up two new functions to close capability gaps - performance marketing strategy and research

digital transformation consulting project in dallas texas

example deliverables coming soon


Brand Marketing + Digital BU Transformation

Mission: Transform marketing and digital operations, organization, and capabilities so retail client could capitalize on rapidly-changing consumer market with greater nimbleness and impact.


Served on lean senior consulting team who:

  • Partnered with marketing, digital, and transformation business units leaders

  • Established goals and align critical work-streams to deliver on enterprise-wide transformation initiative

  • Facilitated team leadership workshops to understand current-state and progress towards stated goals

  • Documented current-state processes, organization, and capabilities

  • Recommended and implemented quick win efforts that would have the greatest systemic impact on cross-functional teams

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