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Career Counseling and Coaching

The work we do each day has an incredible impact on how we experience the world, understand ourselves, and relate to others. We make decisions about where we live, whether or not and how we will build families, the way we spend our free time, and so much more based on our work. 


So many of us want to do work that is meaningful - and to feel like the work we do matters. Finding an industry, organization, and role that match your skills/passions is a big part of that equation. That, alone, can feel hard enough to nail down. Determining your purpose and what brings you joy, on top of that, can feel elusive. Some of us wonder if we will ever get that experience in this life time.


The good news is there are ways that we can demystify the process together and build confidence along the way. Deepening your understanding of your hopes and unmet needs; reacquainting yourself with the creative and curious parts of you that you've probably quieted over the years; and articulating your values will help demystify the process. These are essential components of building a career that will sustain and help you leave a mark. 

Sound Familiar?


Feeling Misunderstood / Undervalued

Struggling in your current job - feeling undervalued and misunderstood. Feeling defensive and judged day-in, and day-out.


Craving Significant Change

Considering a major career change and have no idea where to start. Interested in another industry but don't know what education and certifications are actually needed to succeed.


Worried About Major Change

Love your work but worry about changes happening and what that means for you. If AI, mergers and acquisitions, ageism, or a new role are relevant - this is you. 


Struggling with Burn Out

If you feel exhausted and irritable; have noticed the "fire in your belly" has been extinguished from the last few years' challenges; or dread getting out of bed in the morning for work - it's time to address this. You deserve relief and joy in your work day.

Career Counseling Process


Developing greater self-awareness of strengths, interests, passions, skills, and potential is a critical part of career counseling. Depending on your goals and history, Spark + Pivot may encourage various types of assessment. If so, hard costs will be incurred, ranging from $50 to $500, which will be transparently estimated and billed with your consent. This part of the process tends to be fun - seeing some of your quirks and blind spots printed in black and white is an enlightening experience.

professional identity development

Developing and defining your professional identity, after completing assessment and values exercises, is enriching and clarifying. Whether you have invested 5- or 25-years into your career, there's a strong chance that you've crafted and evolved your professional identity based on the role(s) you must play in certain work places to add value. Conducting this exercise independent of a work place allows you to think freely and creatively about what makes you you and gives you that much more of a chance to deteremine what the best career would be for you.

values definition

Understanding and articulating the values that are most important to you is a critical part of your career development journey, and will also likely have a positive effect in your personal life. We will work collaboratively to determine those unique-to-you values (and their prioritization) and explore what they mean for your job satisfaction and next steps. For some, this means a complete career change. For others, it may mean finding a company that better aligns. For most, it will be some degree between those two scenarios.

career and role exploration

Depending on goals and insights gained through the other stages of the career counseling process, exploration may involve considering other types of roles within the same organization; developing criteria for identifying a company that better aligns to your needs and values; or learning what additional credentials, school, and certifications are required to change fields entirely. This part of the counseling process can take as little as 1 session or as many as 10 sessions depending on how large the change is and how ready you are.

Hear from Career Counseling Clients

close up of reed diffuser and house plant aloe vera on wooden table in bright living room
"It felt good to be seen and understood. This process helped me understand some of the challenges that I was experiencing at work, and gave me clarity about why I felt so triggered by my boss. I ended up finding a better role in the organization that allowed me to use the skills I am more passionate about, and I was able to establish a productive partnership with my new manager because I had more language to describe what I needed."


I work with individuals directly or via a company contract. Sessions can be in-person in Dallas, TX, or via virtual meetings.


If you have ideas of something you'd like to work on that isn't specifically captured above, please reach out and I will give you an honest assessment of who the right coach might be.


$125-$250 / hour

Variable depending on goals and context

Estimate provided prior to initial session

Schedule a Consultation

If you are ready to make change and would like to speak with Megan, please schedule a free 15-minute consult.

meeting options


Video conferencing is a convenient, accessible option for coaching. We use Google Meet for coaching appointments.


Spark + Pivot is located in Dallas, Texas. For individual and team coaching, travel to location is possible.


Need a break from video and face-to-face meetings? Phone sessions are available for existing coaching clients.

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